Day 1: Is art still worth making even if it changes nothing?

Travis Hunter
2 min readJan 21, 2021

I have committed to write and publish a piece of writing once a day for a year. This is Day 1.


I believe that this isn’t possible. I believe that making art always changes something. Even if that something is ‘just you’. That is still something. Art is worth making because it always changes us in the process of its own making.

Humans have a fundamental need to ‘make’. Making is as much about intelligence, perception, insight, empathy, skill and capability as it is about innate talent. And people who are good at making therefore make good friends, lovers, confidants. And sometimes they also make fearsome enemies.

This year I will stop shying away from my craft and from my talent. This year I will write every day to show persistence, consistency, courage, and dedication to my craft.

Will my writings ever see the light of day? Will they ever be deemed precious enough by others to be kept, preserved, after my passing? We need to keep our selves, our pasts, our histories alive. We can always do this through the magic of writing. Through this we can begin to perceive the wisdom and experiences of people long before us.

I will write to set myself free, connect with my emotions, become fully and authentically myself and one with the universe and my destiny. Words are my destiny, language is my destiny, so help me God, Jesus, Buddha and all of the divine graces on this planet.

And so help me lord, may it also, just maybe, just perhaps, change something or someone else too.

I love writing. And I love me. The end.

This is part of a series in which I will write and publish* a piece of writing once a day for a year.

*felt cute, might delete later.



Travis Hunter

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